Troop 171 COVID-19 Information

Dear Scouts, Families, and Volunteers of Troop 171,

After a summer when COVID-19 seemed to be on the decline, levels of the virus are rising once more nationally and in Boulder County. As we begin another active year of Scouting, we must revisit our COVID policies in order to keep our community safe.

In formulating our COVID policies, we are painfully aware that many of our Scouts are too young to be vaccinated and that some members of our community are immune-suppressed and thus especially vulnerable.

Many organizations across the country are requiring vaccinations. We may consider this also depending on the rate of COVID infections. We have taken into account current guidance from the national and district Scouts BSA, state and local governments, Boulder Valley School District, and other youth organizations. We have listened to Scout families as well; thanks to all who responded to our survey.

We understand that how to best deal with COVID brings about a wide range of strong opinions, but we are guided by something we hope all can appreciate: we should do all we can to keep Troop 171B and Troop 171G Scouts and adults safe. For that reason, we have adopted the following policies.

Troop COVID-19 Safety Policy

Effective September 18, 2021

  1. To the highest degree, we strongly encourage everyone who is eligible to be fully vaccinated from COVID.

  1. When younger Scouts become eligible for vaccinations, we strongly encourage them to get fully vaccinated.

  1. We strongly urge that everyone take advantage of the various COVID testing opportunities at BVSD and other sites.

  1. We will soon be asking you for your vaccination status. Please promptly provide that information when we make that request.

To keep everyone safe, we will follow these safe practices.


Scouts will tent:

  1. Individually in their own tent, bivvy, or hammock; or

  2. With one other person from a cohort group established outside of Scouts; or

  3. With a family member; or

  4. Sleep under the stars, weather permitting.

Driving in vehicles

  1. When riding with people outside of their family or cohort, the driver and all passengers will mask up and windows will be cracked open for air flow.

  2. With these precautions, Scouts can carpool with drivers going to campouts and activities.


  1. We will hold as many meetings and activities outside through the fall and winter as possible.

  2. Indoors, everyone masks up, and we will have air flow through the rooms.

We appreciate your cooperation with our policies. These are challenging times. We will continue to monitor the COVID situation, and will, as always, Be Prepared.

If you have questions about our COVID policies, please contact me, Marta, or Greg.