BSA Medical, program Consent and Release Form


  • Troop 171 Medical Information "Yellow" Card - See Barb A. for a hard copy of this form

There are always questions surrounding the BSA medical forms and troop 171 requirements. Please follow the links below for specific information and forms.

All Scouts Need:

BSA Parts A and B to attend meetings and trips. Must be signed within the last 12 months.

        • Part A Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization (completed by parents)

        • Part B General Information/Health History (completed by parents - also requires a medical provider signature on page B2)

BSA Part C to attend campouts, summer camp and other events. See below for details.

        • Part C Pre-Participation Physical (completed and signed by medical provider)

Copy of Health Insurance Card [include with medical forms]

Troop 171 Medical Information "Yellow" Card to attend meetings and trips. Hard copy available from Barb Allan

IMPORTANT: Medical Forms Must Be Delivered In Person. BSA Does Not Allow Them to Be Sent Electronically

Adult Medical and Release Forms:

Adults attending a Scout event over 72 hours:

    • BSA Parts A, B and C with medical provider signature

Adults attending a Troop 171 campout

    • BSA Parts A, B and C signed within the previous 12 months are required EACH year for all Scouts and adults who attend meetings and trips.

Other Important Information:

  • All adults must be registered in BSA to attend campouts and to be covered by BSA insurance.