Grace Commons Church in Boulder, CO
* Established at First Presbyterian Church in 1952 * Troop 171 G Chartered February 2020 *
Troop 171 meets at the Grace Commons Church (formerly First Presbyterian Church) Boulder, Colorado. During COVID, the meeting entrance is into the outdoor courtyard on Walnut, between 15th and 16th Street. Meetings are held on Monday nights from 7:00 to 8:30. Please check our calendar and contact information to confirm a meeting night and location. Summer hours and locations will vary. Contact Troop 171 Boys here or Troop 171 Girls here. Location map here.

The EDGE Method

The strategy is called the EDGE method; E-D-G-E.  The Boy Scouts came up with this great acronym, but it can work for anybody.  Each letter stands for a step in the process.  It goes like this:

Explain – talk about what you will be doing and why it’s important.  It can be very useful to have visual aids for this – a chart, diagram, model, or anything else that will help them get the general idea.

Demonstrate – Next, show them what the skill looks like when it’s done correctly; you can talk about what you are doing as you go so they understand your actions.  When you are done with this step, they will know what “right looks like”

Guide – Now it’s their turn.  Give them the tools, and let them try; you may need to talk them through the process step by step so they understand.  This phase will probably take the most time, and you have to be patient; you may even need to demonstrate again.

Enable – In the final step, they get to do it on their own.  If they can properly demonstrate the skill themselves, than they have effectively learned the skill.  The best training ends with the learner showing off his new ability.

For an example, let’s say you want to teach someone how to tie a square knot.

First EXPLAIN – this knot is used to join two pieces of rope that are the same size

Then DEMONSTRATE – this is what it looks like when you tie a square knot; right over left, left over right

Next GUIDE – them as they do it; here’s some rope, let’s do this together…put an end of the rope in each hand and twist the right side over the left side…

Finally ENABLE – have them do it on their own

"Not just for boys: Scouts BSA troops in Boulder, beyond now welcoming girls"

 - Boulder Daily Camera [4/24/2019

Once a week, the Scouts BSA Troop 171 can be found at the First Presbyterian Church Annex in Boulder, wearing their khaki uniforms. Each meeting begins with a member marching down to the stage in front, carrying the American flag, while scouts salute as it passes. Then, in unison, they recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

This year, that group of kids looks different. Standing beside the big group of boys stand young girls. They, too, are dressed in the traditional khaki uniforms. On a recent Monday, the boys and girls all raised three fingers in the air, reciting the Scout Oath and Scout Law. “On my honor …” they begin.

Boulder’s 67-year-old Troop 171 welcomed a girl’s troop as of Feb. 1, along with all the Boy Scouts of America troops around the country. Members are now calling the organization Scouts BSA to include their female members.  Click the link above for more of the article and pictures.

Troop 171 Linked Girl Troop and Boy Troop

Troop 171 was started in 1952. As of 2018, 201 Scouts have earned the rank of Eagle Scouts. Now, girls have the opportunity to join Scouting BSA and earn the rank of Eagle Scout as well.

Our troop is two troops in one. Troop 171 BT (Boy Troop) is joined with Troop 171 GT (Girl Troop). We function as two separate troops under the same sponsor, Adult Committee and a shared Scout Leader Staff.

Troop 171 has a very active program teaching Scout skills, advancement and outdoor activities. Troop 171 offers age-appropriate backpacking treks and other adventures in Colorado and Utah. We attend a week-long  Scout camp each summer. Our high adventures include wilderness treks, ice-climbing, and sea kayaking in Alaska and scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Boys and Girls both are invited to come visit anytime. We suggest that parents of interested Scouts contact us first to confirm our meeting time, location and the scheduled activity.

Invitation to Visit or Join Either Troop 171 GT or Troop 171 BT

Troop 171 Information Brochure

As of September 1, 2017, no unit may re-charter without all leaders being current on their Youth Protection Training. Registrars no longer have the ability to approve charters without full compliance.

Effective June 1, 2018, adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present at the activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered as a leader, including completion of a criminal background check and Youth Protection Training. The 72 hours need not be consecutive. 
Altogether, it's a bold new approach that will serve as just one part of the BSA's ongoing effort to enroll the entire community in the fight against child abuse both in and out of Scouting.
An updated youth protection training is available for staff, leaders and parents (Youth Protection Y01). The training includes a three-module course that all leaders will be required to complete by September 30, 2018. The training encompasses Venturing and Exploring Youth Protection, therefore those videos are no longer available. 

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CU Wizards!
What a great resource - CU Wizards programs have been presented by the University of Colorado science departments for over 30 years. Now, there is a link on the CU Wizards Website to match upcoming Wizards shows to BSA merit badges (thanks Candice). Just click on the "Scouts" link at the top menu bar. CU Wizards program dates are now on the troop calendar. Enjoy!
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Troop Merit Badge Counselor Sign Up

This is just a reminder that we need merit badge counselors. You only need 4 things to be a merit badge counselor.
  1. BSA Adult Application (you only need one copy of the info page)
  2. Merit Badge Counselor Information Sheet [download and open in Adobe]
  3. Troop 171 MB Signup Form
  4. Youth Protection Training Certificate of Completion
  5. A desire to help our Scouts. There is no link for this one!
Check out the troop list of merit badges and Merit Badge Counselors

NOTE – all forms go to Barb Allan. She will make sure they get to Greeley with the appropriate troop signatures.
Campout Schedule
           Camping 2020         

Other Dates and Events
• TBA after stay at home orders have been lifted.

Adult Committee Meeting Schedule
All interested adults are invited to attend the Adult Committee Meetings. Please contact Todd Vogel for details.
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