Troop Emergency Info and Links

[171 SM Staff] Tr 171 Fire Help Update [12/31/21]

  • Evacuated Families

    • NEW offers from the troop:

      • Winter coats – if you left home without winter coats or other gear, we have access to the Deacon’s Closet items in the church annex.

        • If you need coats or other clothing, please contact Scott via text at 3037487551. Will make arrangements with Lonny Frye to meet you.

      • Water and water jugs – since Louisville is on a boil water order, we are happy to loan out the troop water jugs. They will be available in Boulder at the church annex and in Louisville with Marta and Jeff (when they are allowed back) Can fill before you take them.

      • Propane and Troop Camping Stoves – if needed for cooking when you get let back in. Reminder – use outside only!

      • Evacuated Families – feel free to let us know your status via even if you don’t need anything.

  • Other

    • Greg does not have power or internet at this time. Feel free to text him or contact Scott for immediate needs or info.

    • Marta is evacuated now but available via text.

    • Based on needs, we may be able to help out with other needs as people .

    • Need anything else? Please let us know!