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Online VirtualVideo Advancement
While we are not able to have regular troop meetings and advancement, Video Advancement becomes our best alternative.
• Life to Eagle Individual Scout MB Summary <- Working Document for Life Scout

For Counselor and Scoutmaster Staff ONLY
• Troop 171 Advancement Reporting to Diane - For Counselor and Scoutmaster Staff ONLY:  Use this link to record all Merit Badge and Board of Review Completions. THIS FORM SUBMITS ALL ADVANCEMENT INFORMATION TO DIANE GERWIG SO IT CAN BE RECORDED WITH BSA AND THE AWARD PURCHASED. Before counselors use this to submit a completed advancement record, you will need the following.
  1. Scout's name
  2. Badge or Rank completed
  3. Date of Completion
  4. Scout E-mail Address [if known - do not enter if you don't know a parent address]
  5. Parent E-mail Address [required if you enter a Scout e-mail address]

General Troop Links

Troop Leadership Contact Information
Adult Committee ChairVogel, Toddtvogel@hubbell.com303 241-0431
Scoutmaster - 171 BoysBrown, Greggregbrownbsa171@gmail.com720-498-3559
Scoutmaster - 171 GirlsTurnbull, Martamarta.turnbull@gmail.com303 378-5918
Chartered Organization RepresentativeWilliams, Alanalan@thewilliamsfamily.org510 409-5819
Advancement ChairGerwig, Dianebsa171adv@gmail.com303 507-2826
Troop Registrar/Forms/MedicalsAllan, Barbbarballan171@gmail.com303 665-4290
Treasurer/Payments/BillsBrown, Kathykathybrown171@gmail.com303 554-6883
TransportationGould, Stephanie171trans.stephanie@gmail.com917 345-4134
ASM/ New MembersBradley, Jeffjeffbradley@mac.com303 304-1104
Investment in Character Leadership [ICL]Chan, Yuchenycchan71@gmail.com720 360-6177
Adult Committee SecretarySteere, Andyawsteere@gmail.com303 543-0899
ASM/ Scout - 1st Class AdvancementAllan, Bobbballan@msn.com303 665-4290
ASM/AquaticsCummings, Stusteweyc@gmail.com303 499-0178
ASM/Adult Outdoor TrainingKreutzer, DavidDavid.Kreutzer@coag.gov303 499-3713
ASM/Website/Roster/EmailMiller, Scottscott.miller@bsa171.org303 748-7551
ASMBartholomew Brown, Candicecandy.bartholomew@mac.com720 938-0307
ASMHurley, Patrickphurleybp@gmail.com720 470-7790
ASMJohnson, Mikemichael_c_johnson@yahoo.com720 670-9807
ASMMartindell, Cameroncameron@offyonder.com425 922-9548
ASMMihelic, Markm_mihelic@msn.com303 554-5837
ASMOplinger, Bryanbryanoplinger@gmail.com303 847-1037
ASMPennell, Thomasthomas@pennell.com917 345-4134
ASMRick, Langleybeautifulorchid.langley@gmail.com303 587-4514
ASMRupert, Markmark.rupert@colorado.edu303 945-6179
ASMTravis, Liesestarsancars@aol.com720 984-9431

Current Links and Information