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Medicine Mountain Summer Camp - UPDATE IN PROGRESS

  • Merit Badge/Advancement Schedules
    • Scouts asked to change a number of classes after hard copies of the schedules were passed out. Here is an updated summary version:
  • Merit Badge Prerequisite List
    • Not all merit badge requirements will be completed at camp. In order to earn a full merit badge, Scout must complete the PREREQUISITES. Scouts must complete the requirements listed for the merit badges they are taking, then show the completed work to a member of the Scoutmaster staff to get a signature on the Prerequisite Sign-Off form. It is best to try to complete all prerequisites before you go to camp so you can complete the badge at camp!
    • Prerequisite Sign-Off Form - one form per Scout if needed. We will collect these sheets before camp. It is also good to keep a copy for yourself to bring to camp.

We have confirmed reservations for summer camp at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch in South Dakota. Now it is time to get confirmed names and payments.

Here is the next round of Medicine Mountain Scout Camp Reminders and Info Bits!


There are a number of new items and forms due – please read carefully!




  • COVID Test for Scouts and Adults Going to Camp
  • NOT Vaccinated Scouts and Adults
  • Vaccinated Scouts and Adults
    • Encouraged if convenient. Low risk but adds to our level of protection


  • All Scouts and need to take their temp DAILY for the 5 days before we leave for camp
  • Temperature Checks for ALL Scouts and adults staying at camp starts TUESDAY!


    • Link to the list
    • Good raingear is essential – we have had some great rainstorms and hailstorms – BE PREPARED
    • Camp Chairs are nice to have. Be sure to put your name on both the bag and the chair!
    • Scout Shirt – Wear it for travel Saturday morning! Don’t pack it in your pack!


    • Scouts of all ages appreciate getting letters
    • Sending letters and packages now will allow them to get them at camp. Best to not send anything after next Monday if you want it to arrive while we are at camp.
    • Mailing Address
      • Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch
      • Scout Name, Unit # [Troop 171 B or Troop 171 G]
      • 24201 Bobcat Road Custer, SD 57730


    • Medicine Mountain EMERGENCY NUMBER
    • 605-673-2790. This number should be used for emergencies only!
    • One of the highlights of camp is the daily post card contest
    • This year, there are some really awesome prizes
    • To participate, Scouts must know the names AND addresses of anyone to whom they would like to send a postcard
    • Addresses for Parents, grandparents, friends or anyone else.
    • Rules – must be real people. No postcards to their pets! Must have a real message, more than just “hi”
    • Postcards are drawn each evening for prizes!


    • Due to staff shortages, several activities have been cancelled:
      • Zipline
      • Flying Squirrel

 Here are some important Summer Camp action items and information.


Medicine Mountain Summer Camp Permission Slip/Release/Driver Signup Form – ACTION ITEM Due ASAP

  • A Separate form Due for Each Scout and Adult going to camp. ß
  • Driver info only goes on ONE form even if entering for multiple Scouts and adults!
  • This is a NEW form. It may look similar to the signup form completed earlier. This form is the release and driver info.
  • IMPORTANT – There are some new questions we needed to ask because of COVID. This may take a bit longer to complete.
  • Feel free to ask question on the form, in person or via email
  • 2021 Medicine Mountain Summer Camp Driver Info and Release ß LINK TO FORM


COVID Test for Scouts and Adults Going to Camp

  • NOT Vaccinated Scouts and Adults
  • Vaccinated Scouts and Adults
    • Encouraged if convenient. Low risk but adds to our level of protection



  • All Scouts and need to take their temps for the 5 days before we leave for camp.
    • We will use the same COVID form we have been using.
    • We will send a reminder email each day.
    • Camps rule, not ours. 😊
  • COVID card copy to Barb Allan to add to medical form.
    • Even if a Scout has only had one shot.



  • ALL meds must be in their original bottle – no “pill-minder” boxes.
  • Scouts must bring all prescription meds listed on their medical form.
  • Please DO NOT bring Tylenol, or other common over the counter meds. We will have them available as long as they are shown as allowed to dispense on the medical form. It is best to not have bottle of meds in camp!



  • Medicine Mountain Packing List
  • Please follow it carefully
  • Ask if you have questions
  • IMPORTANT – Please mark everything with your name. Especially Scout shirts, tent and sleeping bags and anything else you would like returned if lost!
    • Funny story – one year on the last day of camp, we made a gear pile of packs in the parking lot. One Scout put his pack in a nearby gear pile. It went to Rawlins, WY with another troop. Luckily, it did have his name and troop number!


* CAMP DATES: Saturday, June 12 to Saturday, June 19, 2021
* WHO: Open to ALL Scouts in Troop 171G and Troop 171B
* ADULTS: We need adults other than the Scoutmaster staff to help with Boards of Review
and other advancement at camp.
* DRIVERS: We will need drivers to and from camp on the dates above. We ALSO will need
enough drivers for the out-of-camp excursion on Wednesday.

• COST (best estimate at this time) - Detailed pricing is below:
Medicine Mountain Summer Camp: $450 for basic summer camp if paid in full by
March 15, 2021. Note: This is an estimate only and is based on the Early Bird Pricing
from Med. Mtn. The cost includes camp registration, transportation to and from camp,
and travel food. Costs increase after early bird pricing ends.
Some merit badges that have kits or supplies are extra.
High adventure fees are extra as well (see details below).

Total Costs Estimate:
No High Adventure (all Scouts) $450.00
One High Adventure (14 and above) $525.00
Two High Adventures (14 and above) $600.00
Some merit badge classes have additional fees.

• HIGH ADVENTURE PROGRAM INFORMATION (Available to Scouts age 14 and older at the
time camp starts):
Each 2-day high adventure has an ADDITIONAL cost of $75. Scouts can choose either
∞ Option A - a single high adventure program and 2 merit badge classes OR
∞ Option B - two high adventures and no merit badge classes.

High Adventure Program offers three, 2-day modules for Scouts age 14 and older
at the time of camp starts to choose from:
Daytime Blocks ($75 each):
• New Heights Program (Natural Rock Climbing)
• Spelunking Program (Caving)
• Trails & Dust Program (ATVs)

Evening Blocks - does not interfere with mb classes:
• Wheels & Gears Program (Mountain Biking) Special pricing - $20 per evening


SPECIAL NOTE FOR PAYMENT: Scouts can sign up for High Adventures and Merit Badges when they have paid a total of $300 for Merit Badges or $375 (or $450) for High Adventures. It is important to reach this deadline as soon as possible IF you are hoping to register for any of the High Adventure programs since they fill up fast.

• DRIVERS: We will ask for drivers as we get closer to summer camp. The driver information will come out with the final permission slip.

Summer Camp Costs, Payment Schedule and Refund Policy
The costs shown below are our best estimate of total fees. This includes not just the Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch fees. It also includes our best estimate for gas, food for our early arrival and miscellaneous program fees.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Base summer camp fee. High Adventure fees are extra and due ASAP to improve chances of getting a spot at registration.

Payments due to Kathy Brown [Troop 171 Treasurer]

Camp Scholarships are available on a need basis. Please contact Kathy Brown or a Scoutmaster if you have a financial need. We WANT every Scout to be able to attend summer camp!

Basic Camp Fee Payment Schedule for Scouts NOT taking a High Adventure Program option [total due $450]
- Deposit: $150 DUE with Signup
- Payment #2 due by March 10: $175 [$325 to date]
- Final Payment due by May 1: $125 [$450 to date]
High Adventure (costs in addition to the $450 above)
- [Scout age 14 and above at the time of camp]
- Options: Caving, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking or ATV’s
- $75 for one High Adventure [2 days] [Total Cost including the basic camp fee $525]
- $150 for two High Adventures [4 days] [Total Cost including the basic camp fee: $600]

- DUE at SIGN UP to register in High Adventure Program:
∞ One H.A. program: $400 [$325 camp fee + $75 High Adventure fee]
∞ Two H.A. programs: $475 [$325 camp fee + $150 High Adventure fee]
- Final Payment due by May 1: $125
- one High Adventure [2 days] [Total Cost including the basic camp fee $525]
- for two High Adventures [4 days] [Total Cost including the basic camp fee: $600]

We currently have four ways you can pay Summer Camp Fees:

1. Mail (address below) a paper check made out to "BSA Troop 171".

2. Transfer funds via VENMO. Search for @BSA171Boulder . You'll know you have the right account when you see a picture of the Troop patch (the one on your Scout's neckerchief.) NO FEES associated with this method of payment!

3. Transfer through your PayPal account with NO FEES (be sure to choose the transfer option). In your PayPal account, just "friend" the email address "treasurer@bsa171.org" and you can transfer funds with no associated fees.

4. You can also pay with a credit card via PayPal (FEES WILL APPLY). Any associated fees will be billed to your Scout account (about 3%). Search for our PayPal account by email address "treasurer@bsa171.org".

Kathy Brown
907 Brooklawn Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303