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UPDATE #2 and Clarifications [11/12/17]:

• MBU COURSE REQUEST SPREADSHEET:  To see if you are registered or what others are requesting. Signup in the same order as friends if you want to TRY to get the same classes.
• Remember, this is just your class requests. You request 6 and get assigned 3. I will send out your actual assigned classes after we get them next week.
• They are planning on releasing all the schedules on November 19. I’ll send them as soon as they arrive.
• PREREQUISITES: Click here for a list of requirements taught at MBU and requirements that are done on your own. After you find out your three classes, you can do the prerequisite requirements so you can complete the merit badge. NOTE: some merit badges such as Personal Management cannot be completed at MBU.

• DEADLINE:Tuesday, November 14, 2017 <--------------------------------
Each year, the CU students in Alpha Phi Omega run Merit Badge University. This is open and encouraged for all Scouts. This year, they are offering 29 merit badges. Details below.

WHAT: Merit Badge University [MBU]
WHEN: Saturday, December 1, 2017
TIME: 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM
WHO: Open to ALL Scouts!
DESCRIPTION: Scouts will be assigned 3 merit badges out of their request for 6 badges. They will be on campus and travel to each of the three classes. CU students are the instructors. IMPORTANT – almost all of the merit badges offered at MBU require outside work. If you have a partial from a previous MBU, don’t take it again since they will probably be covering the same requirements you did the first time. Be sure to check the incomplete merit badge list on the troop Website.
COST: $18 billed through Scout troop accounts. 
LUNCH: Center for Community [C4C] Age 13 and older - $10.50. Age 12 and under - $9.00. Paid out of Scout accounts, not at MBU. Lunch must be preordered.
PAYPAL SURCHARGE: Payment using a credit card is available through PayPal with a surcharge of 3%. Details to follow.
CANCELLATION INFORMATION: once registration closes, MBU will not offer any refunds for any reason. Please contact Scott before the registration closes if you must cancel.

DEADLINE:Tuesday, November 14, 2017 <--------------------------------

IMPORTANT: This email is for basic information and sign up only. Full details with class times, meeting location, etc will be sent out as soon as we receive it from MBU.

MBU is a great chance to help Scouts advance as well as experience life on a college campus.