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Klondike Derby Information - 2020

What: Klondike Derby
When: February 21 - 23, 2020
Depart: Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 at 5:30 PM
Return: Sunday at approximately 11:00 AM
Where: Golden Gate State Park [south of Nederland]
Activities: Klondike Derby Competition
Food: Troop will provide meals. Patrols will need to plan on a cooked lunch on the sleds.
Cost (billed through Scout Accounts)

          ∞ $45.00 per Scout and Adult Leader ($30.00 registration fee plus foof=d
          ∞ $40.00 First Aid City Staff, or OA*member ($25.00 registration fee plus food)
          ∞ $10.00 per Webelos And Webelos parents attending on Saturday

Gear: Winter Camping Checklist - see troop Website

ALL SCOUTS NEED TO BRING AND CARRY THE TEN ESSENTIALS - see below for specific items! These go in a daypack with EACH Scout. Be Prepared!
Drivers: We need drivers for Friday night and Sunday morning. Mountain driving conditions.
Pancake Breakfast Help: lots of jobs in Boulder and in Nederland. Stay tuned for details.
Distance: 29 miles [45 minutes with good roads]

ALSO ON THIS FORM: Parents - if you can come up to Nederland and help with the pancake breakfast, please check the appropriate boxes below.

Here is the first round of reminders and updates as we prepare for Klondike:
  1. Meet at the church for departure on FRIDAY,  Feb. 21, 2020 at 5:30 PM wearing your uniform shirt. BE SURE TO EAT DINNER FIRST!
  2. Have your cold weather gear (hat, gloves, boots, coat, AND your flashlight) with you in a day pack. Due to traffic conditions you may have to wait for your gear to arrive at the site if it is in another car. Stay warm while you wait.
  3. Food
    • Troop is cooking for Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. Sunday breakfast will be an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast in Nederland! Details to follow.
    • Patrols are ONLY responsible for the cooked lunch on the trail. Remember it must have pre-cooked meat and be able to be warmed over a fire. Hot drink also.
  4. Sleds
    • We will be running 3 sleds depending on the number of Scouts and patrols.
  5. Tents – please confirm with your tent partner who is bringing the tent!
  6. Packing
    • Please follow the packing list for winter. There is a special section for Klondike Patrol Leaders
    • Every Scout needs the 10 essentials. Pack them in a daypack so you have them at each city! The 10 essentials are listed on the Winter Camping Checklist AND Klondike Skills Sheet.
    • The weather will be nice but don't be fooled, BE PREPARED! Wind, cold and snow can still happen.
    • Patrol Leaders – do you have the special patrol leader items such as a watch, etc. Check the list! Check the list TWICE! Assistant patrol leaders, you do the same (please).
  7. Drivers – please plan on there being a good traffic jam at the site on Friday night. The drop off area is very tight!
    • If you are dropping off Scouts, please take an extra moment to make sure all Scout gear is out of your car. It can make for a cold night if a Scout's gear goes back to Boulder!
    • Driving Directions
      • Drivers Map [Boulder to Golden Gate State Park - Reverend's Ridge Campground
      • Drivers – please print out the map above before we meet on Friday
      • Drivers – please also print out a copy of the Driver Information Sheet. It will be collected before departure.
      • Golden Gate State Park - Reverend's Ridge Campsite Directions

      • DRIVING DIRECTIONS – these are different than you may have seen in the official packet. Much easier and faster!
        1. Travel west on Canyon Blvd. to Nederland [25 MPH in Nederland]
        2. Enter the roundabout in Nederland. Take the third exit from the roundabout to travel south on hwy 119/72 towards Black Hawk.
        3. Travel south on 119/72 for approximately 10 miles.
        4. Turn left into the first entrance to Golden Gate State Park.
        5. Follow the signs to Reverend's Ridge Campground.
        6. Meet the Klondike Hosts at the entrance to get directions to our campsite.
  8. Sunday Morning
    • Early departure from camp. We will then go to the Teen Center in Nederland for an All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast put on by some of the troop parents!
    • This means we will be home by noon on Sunday!
  9. Links
  10. Ten Essentials (from the Boy Scout Handbook p. 264) – NEEDED BY EACH PERSON ON THE SLED! <--EACH PERSON, NOT JUST THE PATROL!
    1. Pocket knife
    2. First aid kit (small personal)
    3. Extra clothing
    4. Outer layer jacket (for rain/wind protection)
    5. Water bottle
    6. Headlamp
    7. Trail food (munchies) 8. Matches and fire starters
    9. Sun screen (small bottle)
    10. Map and compass (each person)

    11. Driving directions for Teen Center

From Boulder: 

Follow 119, aka West-bound Canyon Blvd, up to Nederland.  Just before entering town, make a left on East Street, the Teen Center is a couple hundred meters on the left / east side of East street, there’s a sign.  

From Golden Gate State Park: 

Turn right onto the Peak-to-Peak Highway, aka turn North onto Colo. 119.  Pass Rollinsville, go into Nederland.  (In Ned, Colo. 119 is known as Bridge Street.)  Pass the shopping center on the right, cross the bridge over Middle Boulder Creek, make the next Right onto First Street.  This is the right turn BEFORE getting to the traffic circle.  Follow First Street to the end, veer left onto East Street, Teen Center is on the Right. 

• Patrol Leaders
– each patrol will need a Patrol Flag and cheer. Some patrols are mixed and matched.  PL's please make sure your patrol has a flag. If your mixed patrol has two leaders, please talk it over and decide how this will happen. ALSO - be sure to bring: watch (not a cell phone), Scout Handbook and other items on the checklist. UPDATE - THE PATROL FLAGS MADE ON MONDAY ARE IN SCOTT'S CAR!

• Patrol Leaders – be sure to check the equipment list links to see what special items you will need to carry on your sled.
Patrol Leaders – patrol food for lunch on the trail. This must be a cook over a fire meal with as little cleanup as possible. All meat must be pre-cooked. Hobo dinners in foil are a good choice.

•Klondike Packing Checklist – looks like good weather for next weekend but best to "Be Prepared." WINTER PACKING CHECKLIST

• Klondike Skills Checklist – please check out this list for:
  1. Patrol/Sled Gear (patrol leaders)
  2. Ten Essentials (every Scout on the sleds)
  3. Skills (every Scout going on a sled – ARE YOU READY?)
  4. Everyone should check this out! Klondike Skills Checklist - BE AN EXPERT!

Several years ago, we resurrected a longstanding Troop 171 Klondike tradition…the All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast! This was only possible due to the help of many troop parents and the use of the Teen Center in Nederland.

Thanks in advance to all those who are helping to make this possible.

 - Scoutmaster Staff