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Flaming Gorge Summer Camp 2019

WHAT: Flaming Gorge Summer Camp
WHEN: June 15 to 22, 2019
WHERE: Dutch John Draw at Flaming Gorge, UT

There are LOTS of bits of information here. Some for Scouts, some for parents and some for camp staff.
Here are some bits of info and reminders for camp.

What: Flaming Gorge Summer Camp
Dates: Saturday, June 15 to Saturday, June 22, 2019.
Departure: Saturday, June 22, 2019
Departure Time: 8:00 AM [arrive at 7:45 if possible]
Departure Location: Because of our large group, we will depart from Rite Aid Pharmacy [28th and Iris]
∞ 28th and Iris [south east corner]
∞ North end of the Rite Aid Pharmacy parking lot
∞ Same shared parking area with Three Margaritas, and former Sports Authority :(
∞ Straight north of Rite Aid but not blocking their parking spaces
Return: We will return to the church between 4:00 and 6:00 PM on Saturday, June 22, 2019. Scouts can call with an eta using cell phones on the trip home or from the Annex when we arrive.  The time is not exact because of the distance and uncertain traffic, weather and road conditions.

 - Medications and Other pills: All medications including prescription, over-the-counter, supplements, and vitamins MUST be in their original container. Please DO NOT put them in baggies, pill dispensing boxes, etc. We need to be able to see dispensing directions, hazards, etc.

Travel Items for Scouts
∞ Scout shirts [tucked in] - NOTE: Scouts who forget their Scout shirt will be asked to go back home to get it! REALLY!
∞ SACK LUNCH! We will make gas stops on the way, but no restaurant stops. Please bring a sack lunch to eat on the way to Flaming Gorge.
∞ Bring money for stops
∞ Remember – seat belts at all times!

MAIL TO CAMP: “Care packages” and letters from home are great fun when Scouts are away from home. If you would like to send a general delivery letter or package to camp, here is the address. I would suggest sending things this week. Any letters or packages that arrive after we leave will be destroyed. I don’t think they send things back.

∞ It is a good idea to mail things the week before to be sure they arrive.

General Delivery – US Post Office – Dutch John
Scout Name
c/o Boy Scout Troop 171
690 South Blvd
Dutch John, UT 84023

It would be good to add to the envelope “Hold until June 21, 2019” <- NOTE: this notation is so that the post office does not destroy the items until we are long gone. This is optional; it is just to make sure they hold it long enough.

Other Notes:
• packages are best sent US mail only. However, if needed, FedEx or UPS can deliver to the post office.

Driver Information:  To reach our campsite at Dutch John Draw on Flaming Gorge Reservoir, follow the directions below.

IMPORTANT NOTE – for group safety, we strongly encourage (insist) that everyone follow the same route and departure time and location unless special arrangements are made with the transportation folks.

• Each driver must complete and hand in a Driver Information Sheet that contains car and passenger information. Please do not depart until you turn this sheet into our Senior Patrol Leader and get the go ahead to leave.


• Map to Flaming Gorge

• Go north on the Longmont Diagonal to hwy 52. Travel east to I-25.

• Take I-25 north to Cheyenne.

• Go west on I-80 to Rock Springs. (est. distance 211 miles)

• 5 miles west of Rock Springs, turn south on hwy 191 (est. distance 51 miles) - EXIT 99.

• The dirt road to Dutch John Draw Campsite (SCOUTS) is located on the right side of hwy 191 between the town of Dutch John and the Flaming Gorge dam.  It may not be well marked.

• The entrance to the Arch Dam (ADULTS) site is on the left and closer to the dam.

• If you cannot find the site, you can ask for directions at the gas station in Dutch John.

• Reimbursement of funds for drivers will be based on whether or not they have driven Scouts and troop gear. Those who do will be reimbursed for actual gas costs. Drivers who drive only themselves, their Scout, or family members but do not haul troop gear or other Scouts will be reimbursed as funds allow. We do not expect for anyone not to be reimbursed but there is always a slim possibility.

• Lunch: It is a 6-7 hour drive to Flaming Gorge. There is not time for a full restaurant food stop along the way. Please bring a sack lunch and a drink. If you want to take a fast food stop, please limit the time.

IMPORTANT – to follow the specifics of our BSA tour plan, please DO allow some short, rest breaks for Scouts. Rest areas, gas stops, etc. BE SAFE

Safety #1: For the safety of our Scouts, no drivers should be texting while driving. If you do need to send or receive a text, have your “copilot” use your phone.

Safety #2:  It is very easy to exceed the speed limit on these highways. Please work to set a good example for the future drivers that are in the car with you by following the speed limits.

Safety #3:  Take driver safety breaks as needed. If you feel drowsy or not at your best, take a break. The most dangerous time of a Scout trip is the drive home!


Scout Spending Money:  Please limit yourself to $40.00 of spending money. You may bring more if you are going to purchase a fishing license. Also, please have some of your money with you on the drive to and from Flaming Gorge. Drivers and other Scouts should not need to loan you money at pop/rest stops along the way. NOTE: please try to have some of you money in small bills. It’s better at the snack shop if there are small bills, not a bunch of 20’s.


Bring Sunscreen and Aloe:  A sun burn on Saturday can ruin the entire week.  Bring sunscreen and aloe!  PLEASE USE IT! Remember, we will be around water the entire week.


Equipment List:  The equipment list is online.  Please pack carefully.




∞ Footwear  most of camp will be spent in tennis shoes. However, Scouts who are heading out for advancement that needs a hike will need to bring and wear boots. If you don’t have any, please let Scott know.


Electronic Games and Cell Phones: Cell phones are brought by the adults for safety. Electronic games and cell phones ARE allowed on the trip to and from Flaming Gorge because of the long distance.  General Scouting policy does NOT allow them in camp.  Please leave them at the adult camp to be returned for the trip home.  Remember, if these items are in the camp, the policy will have to change to that of other troops.  That policy is to not let them even for the drive to camp.  Please don’t make us change this policy!


Fishing Licenses:  Fishing licenses are needed if you want to fish at Flaming Gorge or on the Green River below the dam. Nonresident licenses cost:

 Link to Utah Fish and Game

• If you are buying a license, bring enough cash. It is best to buy it onsite rather than online. If your plans change, you won’t be out the cost of the license.


  • Nonresident 1-year fishing (age 12– 13)$5.00
  • Nonresident 1-year fishing (age 14–17)$25.00
  • Nonresident 1-year fishing (18+)$75.00
  • Nonresident 3-day fishing$24.00
  • Nonresident 7-day fishing$40.00
  • Under the age of 12 - no license required [must follow bag limits]

Fishing licenses are available at a kiosk in Dutch John.

Pop and Candy:  Scouts, please limit sugar snacks. Be reasonable on the amount of candy, chips, cookies and other junk food that you bring. Health and space considerations are important. Munchies must fit into your pack (not a daypack just for junk food). Also, we do not have room for extra coolers for your pop. Hudson Philips will be having Pop Shop hours in the food truck. You will able to buy cold pop from him. Also, on your way to and from the S.O.A.R. project, you may be able to stop by the store in Dutch John.


S.O.A.R. Project:  Depending on the Forest Service, we may or may not have a service/S.O.A.R. project this year. To earn this years patch, you must work for three (3) hours on the project. In past years, we have had almost all of the Scouts and adults participate and complete their time. Our goal is to have 100% participation. This is not just for the patch, it is a conservation project to help protect our natural resources and it is the right thing to do. Therefore we would like all Scouts and adult staff to help on this project. Besides the patch really is cool!!!


                        Don’t forget to bring leather work gloves.  You will need them for the project.


Adult Camping:  You will need a tent a foam pad and light or summer sleeping bag. Because of the number of Scouts attending summer the troop will not be able to provide tents for adults not camping in the troop area.  You may want to bring a folding chair for comfort.

Adult Staff and Family members who are not part of the Scoutmaster staff will camp at the adult campsite. We are at our limit on the reservation permit for the Scout Campsite.


Adult Cook Gear: The adult campers at Arch Dam are organizing their own gear for cooking. Limited cooking gear is available from the troop. Many times, the adults bring extra items over and above what basic gear is provided by the troop.


Showers: We will be rationing out showers at Cedar Springs. We will be running a tab with them so we don’t have to pay each time. They only a small number of showers. We will try ration the Scouts so that everyone gets at least two showers throughout the week. Adults, feel free to organize your own times. The busiest times will be in the afternoon and evening when Scouts are done for the day. The showers are open from 7 AM to 8 PM. Feel free to organize a “Shower Run” for Scouts. Just be sure to sign them out of camp.


Laundry: Scouts should pack enough clothes for the entire week.


Equipment: Please check the equipment list carefully.  We are a long way from home and missing gear will be hard to get.  Don’t forget your uniform for travel on Saturday and dinner each night at camp.  See note on tents below.  Bring work gloves.


Tents: Remember, we will be tenting by patrols in personal tents.  Patrol Leaders need to organize sleeping arrangements for your patrol.  If you have a tent your patrol can use, please let your Patrol Leader know.


Weather: Don’t forget to bring and to wear sunscreen and sunglasses.  The weather this week has been in the mid to upper 70’s with intermittent rain showers.  Nighttime lows have been in the mid 40’s.  Our most severe health problems have been sunburn and dehydration.  Both can be prevented if you think!


A Final Word: TO ALL ADULT STAFF- Summer camp at Flaming Gorge is nothing but a great experiment and adventure. We have done our best to plan every detail ahead of time. However, if you have a question that we have not dealt with, please call. If you have a GREAT idea, let’s hear it. We have L O T S of flexibility to add things to the program. Once, we added fossil hunting and tons of other neat things. If you have an idea or want to try something we haven’t thought of, just let us know. 


Remember the word for the week is FLEXIBILITY. With over 90 people going to camp we will put new meaning to the word.


ADULT EXPECTATIONS:  We have so many adults going to camp for the first time that a quick Scouting policy statement is in order. The following is a general set of expectation that we follow at all Scouting functions and situations.


** Tobacco and Tobacco products: While in the presence of Scouts, smoking and chewing tobacco is not allowed. If you must smoke, please do it at the adult campsite, not at the Scout site, where Scouts are present or while transporting Scouts.


** Language:  Appropriate for the situation. Feel free to correct Scout behavior to match the expectations of the Scout Oath and Law!


As a final guide, we follow the Scout Oath and Law. In Scouting situation, there are lots of young eyes watching what you do.

WHO: All Scouts from the newest Scout/Tenderfoot to the old timer
WHO #2: A special invitation to our new Scouts! The best way to get a jump on troop activities and advancement is to come to Summer Camp!
WHO #3: All adults interested in camping and helping out by teaching a merit badge. This is a camp that we can’t do without you!
WHO #3: Because of the nature of the location and need for safety, non-Scout siblings are not part of the trip. The main focus of the adults going need to be on the Scout program. We don’t have the ability to provide program or supervision for younger children. Also, there are no pets allowed.

NEED: Adults as merit badge counselors, Scout to First Class instructors, and to serve on boards of review. Also adults who want to have fun!

LOGISTICS: All food is provided and cooked by patrols. Adults have a separate campsite and will be cooking their own breakfast and dinner with the food provided. After breakfast, adults will drive over to the Scout campsite and begin the days fun and learning. Lunch will be with the Scouts.

INFORMATION NIGHT: We will have a parent/Scout information night in late February, after we get done with the challenges of Klondike Derby preparation.
PARENTS as COUNSELORS: During our planning nights, we will have training for teaching merit badges as well as equipment planning. Don’t worry, you are not in this alone!

MUCH MORE TO COME: this is just a bare bones email to start the signups going! There will be much more to follow.


o   Total Estimated Cost:

•  Scouts $350

•  Adult Staff $150 [adjust payment schedule as needed for adults]

•  Actual Cost: Any change in the amount from the estimated cost will be adjusted in Scout accounts after camp.

o   Deposit: $50 Due March 1

o   Payment #2: $150 Due May 1 [$200 paid to date]

o   Payment #3: $150 Due June 1 [$350 paid to date]