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Alaska High Adventure 2018



NOVA Ice Climbing Waiver <--- NEW ON THE SITE!

BSA Medical Form Parts A, B, C and D
            ∞ Medical provider has signed parts B and C
            ∞ Part A - Adults Authorized to Take to and From Events:
                    1. Scott Miller [303 748-7551]
                    2. Hudson Philips
                    3. Robbie Antonson
            ∞ Part D is information only. The closest section is the requirements for Norther Tier High Adventure Base.
            ∞ Medical MUST be reviewed by parents within 90 days of the trip.

Coming soon:
  • Flight information
  • Packing for flight info
  • PERMISSION SLIP - New and will include request for drivers to and from DIA!

          • Depart: July 10 [time to be determined]
          • Return: July 24 <-- IMPORTANT: we actually leave AK late on July 23 with an early
             morning arrival at DIA on July 24.

          • Age 14 by the start of the trip in 2018
          • Backpacking experience required [Spring break, Philmont, Mini Adventures, etc]
          • Rank requirement = Star or above and earned a rank in the 12 months prior to the trip
          • Activity - attends monthly campouts and meetings regularly [please don't plan on just
                            "dropping in" for this trip and be absent from Monday meetings and monthly
          • Attends all pre-trip meetings for planning, safety, etc.

          • We need a minimum of 2 adults for every 9 Scouts
          • Each crew must have at least 51% Scouts.
          • Backpacking and wilderness travel required [Spring break, Philmont, Mini Adventures, or
          • Must be current at the time of the trip for Wilderness First Aid, CPR and AED
          • Attends all pre-trip meetings for planning, safety, etc.

Cost: Our best guess estimated cost for this trip is: $2900 per person for two weeks. That cost included air fare, accommodations and the full cost for all other activities.

Payment Schedule:
          ∞ $500.00 Deposit Due Nov.  27, 2017
          ∞ $900.00 [$1400.00 to date] Payment #2 Due Jan. 15, 2018
          ∞ $300.00 [$1700.00 to date] Payment #3 Due Feb. 1, 2018
          ∞ $900.00 [$2600.00 to date] Pmt. #4 Due Mar. 1, 2018
          ∞ $300.00 [$2900.00 to date] Payment #5 Final Due April 1, 2018

          * Portions of these payments are not refundable after certain dates. These costs does NOT include trip insurance.

IMPORTANT - this is a trip signup form. It is NOT the permission slip. This form will help us in planning the events and generating the trip roster! WHEN TRIPS ARE SET, WE WILL SEND THE PERMISSION SLIP LINK!

PLEASE submit a separate form for EACH Scout or adult interested in attending.