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Alaska High Adventure 2014


 CHAB equipment List (from CHAB Website)

July 12, 2014FlightAS0669Denver, ColoradoDepart0700  Arrive0855Seattle, WashingtonL14N4
July 12, 2014FlightAS0075Seattle, WashingtonDepart1120  Arrive1255Juneau, AlaskaL14N4
July 27, 2014FlightAS0078Juneau, AlaskaDepart1510  Arrive1827Seattle, WashingtonQ14N4
July 27, 2014FlightAS0680Seattle, WashingtonDepart2020  Arrive2357Denver, ColoradoQ14N4
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Email (2/17/2014)
Hi Scouts,

Things are again moving FAST for the Alaska Adventure! We have a full crew. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check the list below to make sure it is correct. We are now to the point where we need to make FIRM, “Cast in Stone” commitments to this trip. As I said in a previous email, we have contracts in place for everything. We need a confirmed and deposited list before the end of February.

CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONS/DELETIONS: please email me directly if there are any changes or corrections to the list below.

  • Equipment lists – start getting gear! This trip has many new elements that we have not done before. Please check the list linked below. We will have many more meetings on gear and preparation.
  • Medicals – this trip requires a significant NEW health form. It is linked below. Because we are going through a high adventure base, the regular BSA medical will NOT apply. However, you should get both the High Adventure Physical AND part C of the BSA physical signed at the same time.
  • Just wanted to clarify that this is truly a high adventure trip like we have never done before. Please take a moment to check out the notice at the bottom of this email, the medical form and all aspects of the Chilkoot High Adventure Base Website. Please make sure this challenge is for you. I would not want anyone to be surprised. We will be ice climbing, high altitude mountaineering and sea kayaking.
Links and Forms:
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Email (1/20/2014)
Hi Scouts,

It’s hard to believe that it is 2014! That means that it is time to get completely geared up and ready for a new year of adventures and trips. Earlier, I sent out the signup sheet for Medicine Mountain Summer Camp. Coming soon will be the Spring Break Adventures.

However, we are now reaching the deadline for final numbers on the Alaska High Adventure! The preliminary interest surveys have given us guidance as to numbers. Using that information, we have contracted for a trip of 28 Scouts and 9 adults. We need to confirm our lists and numbers with Alaska Airlines and the Chilkoot High Adventure Base in Haines, AK.


This trip is one of our most ambitious high adventures to date. Highlights and itinerary items include:
  • Travel via Alaska Airlines from Denver to Seattle and Seattle to Juneau, AK. [Depart DIA 7/12/14 at 7:00 AM. Arrive Juneau at 12:55 PM – gotta love those time zone changes]
  • Travel from Juneau, AK to Haines, AK via the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry
  • Adventures with the staff of the Chilkoot High Adventure Base include: Sea Kayaking, Mountaineering, Ice Climbing and backpacking
This trip is open to Scouts who are age 14 - 17 by the beginning of July. If you are signing up for this trip, please be sure to check the High Adventure Trip Requirements linked on the front of the troop Website. Planning ahead now can prevent disappointment in the future.

ADVENTURE DATES - July 12 - 27, 2014

ESTIMATED TRIP COST - $2,800. This is an estimated cost based upon previous trips and current airfare prices. It includes:
• Airfare
• Ferry
• Ground transportation
• Food

Not included:
• Camping/backpacking gear
• Medical check (NOTE there is a special detailed medical required for this trip)
• Specialized medicines required as per the high adventure base Website
• Souvenirs

We have currently paid the deposit to the Chilkoot High Adventure Base of $4,500 for 28 Scouts and 9 adults. We also have an airline contract with Alaska Airlines. These numbers were based upon the earlier signup Web form and who signed up at the information meeting. Now, it is time to begin collecting the trip fees in order to meet our obligations with the airline and other entities.

This represents our best estimate of costs at this time. Only actual costs will be billed to Scouts after the trip. If it comes in higher or lower than predicted, adjustments will be made on Scout accounts.

NOTE - the payment schedule below is designed to spread out payments AND to make sure we meet our obligations to all service providers. If you need to make adjustments to these payments, please talk with Scott or Kathy Brown.

Deposit            300.00  now
2nd payment    500.00  January
3rd payment    500.00  February
4th payment    500.00  March
5th payment    500.00  April
Final payment  500.00  May/June

Our deadlines:
March - Full payment to Alaska Airlines
April - Full payment to Chilkoot High Adventure Base