Investment in Character and Leadership

Donation Links Summary:
  • Colorado Gives Day [on or before Dec. 5, 2017]
  • Longs Peak Council Website [After January 1, 2017 to insure credit to the 2017 FOS Campaign]
  • Return your card with a check made out to Boys Scouts of America either via snail mail or at an upcoming troop meeting

Please send an email with your donation confirmation if you donate online to:

Dear Troop 171 Family,

The past year has been an amazing time for my family in Troop 171, as two of my sons earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Recently, I asked my sons about their favorite memory from their years in Boy Scouts. I expected a tale from diving in Mexico, ice climbing in Alaska, or trekking down West Clear Creek. What I heard instead was a young man’s version of what it means to become an Eagle Scout.

 For my sons, their most memorable Scouting moment came months after they had earned their Eagle badge. For a few minutes during every Eagle Scout Court of Honor, all Eagle Scouts in the audience are asked to stand together on the stage. At this moment, men of all ages rise from their seats and walk to the stage. For my sons, this was their crowning moment in Boy Scouts, to rise from the audience and stand alongside their fathers, friends, Scoutmasters and leaders from their community, as an Eagle Scout. For my sons, this was their rite of passage into a special group that is revered and respected in our culture.

 To better reflect Scouting’s purpose, to invest in the success of youth in our community, the Boy Scouts fundraising campaign has changed from “Friends of Scouting” to Investment in Character and Leadership. Troop 171’s fundraising goal for this year is $5,000. This goal is set for us by the district based on the number of scouts in our troop. You can learn more about how Boy Scouts of America funding and investment at Donations from Troop 171 benefit Longs Peak Council facilities and programs, as well as the national leadership.

This year there are three ways to donate. Please send me an email with your donation confirmation if you donate online:

1. Return your card to with a check made out to Boy Scouts of America

2. Donate on Colorado Gives Day on December 5.

o   Go to and submit the required information – this is the best way to donate on Colorado Gives Day.

3. Donate through Longs Peak Council Website (after January 1, 2018 only please)

There are links to the Troop 171 Colorado Gives Day and Longs Peak Council donation sites at

If the Troop reaches our campaign goal, rank advancements and merit badges will be free for 2018. This benefit saves our Troop several hundred dollars every year. This money is invested back into the Scouts of Troop 171, the next generation of Eagle Scouts and leaders in our community.

Yours in Scouting,

Ronda Irwin

(mom to Alex – Eagle Scout, Adam – Eagle Scout, Rodney – Life Scout)