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Shelf Road Campout - October 9 - 11, 2018

SCOUTS and PARENTS – We need to make plans for food and transportation in advance of this trip. If you would like to attend this campout, please signup asap! Remember, the focus is Climbing, Camping, Advancement and Fun! You don’t have to climb, but it is a fun part of the trip. There should be enough SPL Staff, older Scouts and adults along to help with advancement as well.


Parents – feel free to attend! If you are thinking of going to Spring Break Adventures, or Flaming Gorge, weekend campouts are a great place to start. You are welcome to climb or not climb! Just wanted you to know you are welcome to come have some Scouting fun as well!


Hi Scouts,


This trip is to one of the premier climbing areas. The challenge is that it is over 3 hours away. Therefore, we will be leaving Friday night. Jeff will be our advance crew to get a site. This area tends to have nice, warm weather even when it cold along the front range.


The focus will be rock climbing and advancement. It is open to everyone including climbers and non-climbers, Scouts and adults. In fact, we need adult for driving, camping and extra supervision. NOTE: There will be activities for those who do not wish to climb. If you are working on Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class or First Class, BRING YOUR HANDBOOK! There is always chances to work on advancement items.


Friday night departure: We will meet and leave the church at 5:30 on Friday, Oct. 19.



     ∞ Counts as TWO nights towards any Mini or High Adventure requirement AND

     ∞ Counts toward either the 5 or 10 activities needed for Second and First Class AND

     ∞ Counts as 2 nights towards Camping Merit Badge AND

     ∞ Counts as 2 nights towards the 15 nights of camping needed for Order of the Arrow


OLDER SCOUT REMINDER: If you plan on attending the Spring Break High Adventure, please make this trip a priority. The skills and practice from this trip will be used on the High Adventure in March!



Click here to see who is going. Use this to plan food and organize tents


• WHAT: Weekend Campout and climbing at the Shelf Road site near Canon City, CO
• WHEN: Oct. 19-21, 2018
• DEPART: Friday, October 19 at 5:15 PM from the Annex 
ß Eat dinner before your arrive! Please be on time because we have a long drive!
• RETURN: Sunday, October 21 early afternoon to the Annex


• WHO #1: This campout is for ALL Scouts, especially those who want to rock climb

• WHO #2: This campout is ALSO for Scouts wanting to work on some of the outside advancement items that are best completed on a campout

• WHO #3: PARENTS - We need extra supervision for this trip. You are welcome and encouraged to attend. Climb if you like. However, we also need non-climbers to help with the trip as well.
     ∞ PLUS - if you are interested in going on future long trips including spring break or Flaming Gorge, this is a great opportunity.

• WHERE: Shelf Road area near Canon City, CO [Info Here]

• General Driving Directions: From Boulder (map link) - go South on highway 93 to Golden and to US 6. Then, East to C-470 and South to Santa Fe Blvd (US 85), and then SE to Castle Rock. Access I-25 and follow it south to Colorado Springs. Take exit 140 / Tejon Ave. and CO 115 . Make a right hand-turn at the second intersection from the exit ramp onto Highway 115 South, past Ft. Carson to US 50. Follow US 50 west to Canon City. All vehicles will rendezvous in Canon City prior to driving the last 15 miles to the campsite.  Travel Time - 3.5 hours depending on traffic. More detailed directions to the actual campsite will be available closer to departure.

• DRIVERS: Cell phone coverage at the campsite will be spotty to none, depending on your carrier and phone antennae. Be sure to know the driving directions and have a paper version before you go. We will send out detailed info before departure.

     ∞ Climbing and camping.
     ∞ Advancement - especially on Scout through First Class. There are advancement requirements that can only be done on campouts!
• FOOD: Patrol Cooking!
• COST: < $20
• GEAR: See the Fall/Winter list. However, you will probably not need the full winter gear such as booties and overbooties, etc. However, always plan on long underwear, ski cap, synthetics, no cotton, etc.
•REMINDER: Uniform shirt for travel AND eat dinner before you arrive on Friday.



Scott Miller       

Troop 171 B.S.A

Boulder, Colorado


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