Troop 171 Virtual Advancement

Welcome to the world of online Scouting Advancement. This gives all Scouts a chance to take charge of their own advancement. This includes Rank requirements, Merit Badges, Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review. Our goal is to support Scouts so that their advancement can continue even though we can't have face-to-face meetings.

Reminder to All - Youth Protection Training Requirements (YPT)
All conversations, video sessions and emails must have a third party. Scouts, if possible, please include your parents on any communication. If that is not possible, include another adult Scout leader in the conversation along with the counselor. Video Scoutmaster Conference sessions may include two Scout leaders at the same time.

The following Zoom Rooms are open for various meetings. When meetings are put on the Troop Video Advancement Calendar, be sure to include which room you are using.

Virtual Advancement Links:
  1. Troop 171 Online Advancement - Scouts, Counselors and Scoutmaster Staff sign up here. Scouts First Class Rank or above can also OFFER rank advancement sessions as we do during meetings. Sign up here if you want to offer a session.
  2. View Online Advancement Sessions [view only] Check back often to see who is asking for advancement AND who is offering sessions.
    1. What is offered
    2. When it is offered
    3. Who is teaching
    4. Info from the counselor and pre-class homework
    5. Zoom or Hangout Link
    6. What advancements Scouts are looking for
  3. Troop Video Advancement Google Calendar
  4. Incomplete Merit Badges - not always up to date, but a place to start to see requirements to be completed.
  5. Merit Badge Counselor List - Scouts can contact counselors directly. Please follow YPT guidelines listed above.
  6. Merit Badge "Blue Sheets" - Used by Counselors to Record work on merit badges. NOTE these are being updated from previous work.
  7. Rank Advancement "Blue Sheets" - used by Scoutmaster Staff to record RANK advancements until they can be signed off in Scout Handbooks.
  8. Troop 171 Members Only - page direct link.
  9. Merit Badge Requirements
  10. Merit Badge Workbooks [Note: Merit Badge Books are NOT available online due to copyright regulations]
  11. Rank Requirement [Scout --> Eagle]
  12. Merit Badges for Social Distancing - 58 Merit Badges You Can Earn at Home - Remember to check with a troop counselor before you start!
Please use the links above. If you need access to any item, please let Scott know.

Links for Counselors and Scoutmaster Staff
  1. Troop 171 Advancement Record - For Counselor and Scoutmaster Staff ONLY:  Use this link to record all Merit Badge and Board of Review Completions. THIS FORM SUBMITS ALL ADVANCEMENT INFORMATION TO DIANE GERWIG SO IT CAN BE RECORDED WITH BSA AND THE AWARD PURCHASED. Before you use this to submit a completed advancement record, you will need the following.
    1. Scout's name
    2. Badge or Rank completed
    3. Date of Completion
    4. Scout E-mail Address [if known - do not enter if you don't know a parent address]
    5. Parent E-mail Address [required if you enter a Scout e-mail address]
  2. Other Resources
    1. How to Conduct a Board of Review Online
    2. Adult Sign Up to Volunteer to Serve on Boards of Review

Scouts can either ask for advancement OR signup for advancement offered by counselors and Scoutmaster Staff by using the Troop 171 Online Advancement link below.
Video Sessions set up through the troop using Zoom will be passworded. Be sure you have the link AND the password when you join a class.
Google Hangout is now, or will soon be opened up by the school district for all middle school Scouts with a BVSD accounts. Scouts can use this for peer-to-peer work on merit badges or advancement.

  • Plan what Rank Advancement you would like to do
    • Check your Scout Handbook for Scout -> First Class Advancement
    • Use your Scout Handbook to learn the skill needed
    • Signup using the Troop 171 Online Advancement link below. Enter your info, then check back for sessions offered by the Scoutmaster Staff
  • OR, plan on a Merit Badge
    • Choose a merit badge
      • If it is a partial, review the requirements you have left to do. Can they be done under the current situation?
      • Do the work!
      • Check the View Online Advancement Sessions to see if someone is already offering a class
      • Sign in to Troop 171 Online Advancement to let the counselors know you would like a class
      • You may want to also contact a counselor from the Merit Badge Counselor list, just as you would do to organize a badge the old fashioned way! This will let them know you want to work on a badge in case they missed your sign up on the Online Advancement form
  • Do The Work!
    • You can work on your own and with family members
    • Contact another Scout to work together. You can check the Incomplete Merit Badge list so see who else needs to finish the same badge as you.
    • Or, just get a small group of Scout friends together and organize your own advancement. Just be sure that everyone completes the Troop 171 Online Advancement form below.